Taking a Facebook Break

Facebook has digitally changed my life. Back in 2005 when Facebook was still in it’s infancy I created an account. I spent most of my time on MySpace. Facebook was a good tool to connect with friends at college. At the time Facebook was designed only for connecting with business or college users. About a year later Facebook opened up […]

Living Through Covid-19

It’s been an interesting eight weeks. My family and I have been making the most of our stay-at-home life. I’ll get to that in a minute. First, let me start with when I saw this all going downhill. I work for a company that does most of it’s manufacturing in China. Every few weeks we send a team over to […]

Looking at the Stars Again!

I used to love looking at the stars. I remember when I was a little kid staring out my bedroom window wondering why some stars were brighter than others. Wondering what was on the moon. How long it would take to get to the nearest star. It fueled my love for science fiction. Was there life out there among the […]