Taking a Facebook Break

Facebook has digitally changed my life. Back in 2005 when Facebook was still in it’s infancy I created an account. I spent most of my time on MySpace. Facebook was a good tool to connect with friends at college. At the time Facebook was designed only for connecting with business or college users. About a year later Facebook opened up to connecting with anyone. Once this happened my time on MySpace diminished and I eventually transitioned over to Facebook exclusively.

Facebook changed my blogging habits. I used to blog almost daily. It was the best way for me to keep in touch with friends and family that live out of state or the country. As more of my friends and family joined Facebook, the less I blogged. The ease of uploading images, status updates and direct communication with my audience, along with the business of life made blogging irrelevant.

Like the beginning of the internet, Facebook was a great place to connect at first. I remember Yahoo chat rooms and IRC’s. Everyone was just happy to be online and saying hello. Over time it’s become a soapbox platform for the disgruntled. I’m not excluding myself from this. There are times I have gone onto social media to gripe about something. It’s way too easy to do.

Recently I have become way to agitated with Facebook. The pandemic has a lot of people anxious and confused. This makes everyone susceptible to conspiracy theories and ideas that normally would not be entertained. Then there are people I know who are normally of a conspiratorial persuasion. The pandemic is like a shot of steroids to them. I just can’t handle it anymore.

Yesterday I turned off my Facebook. It’s only temporary. I just need some time away. I want to live in the moment. Take care of my family. Focus on the things I need to take care of. Scrolling through nonsense does not help. It only ratchets up the anxiety and frustration levels.

Who knows? Maybe it will encourage me to blog more?