My Story

Four States: Preface

My basement is full of boxes. A lot of them I haven’t opened in years. Every time I go into our basement I tell myself that I’m going to go through those boxes and throw things away. It’s just taking up space. I came up with an idea. Instead of taking a weekend or large chunk of time to go through all of the boxes, why not when I have time go through one box at a time? So that is what I did.

The first box I picked was filled with papers from my mom and dad. Tax forms, pay stubs, purchase agreements etc. At the bottom of the box I found my mom’s travel agent awards, my dad’s heating and air conditioning certification, awards from alpaca shows and a bunch of greetings cards. Most of the stuff in the box I will scan and throw away. Just to keep a record. Who needs thirty year old tax forms? I put those to the side and concentrated on what to me is a treasure trove of memories.

The greeting cards comprised of birthdays, holidays and special events. Cards from friends and family. The cards my parents gave to each other were sometimes humorous. Other times serious and passionate. I found art projects and pictures my brother and I made in grade school. Media guides to sporting events we participated in as kids. Passes to Disney World! But the things that hit me the hardest were the small notes we used to leave each other. Notes written on a notepad or small sheet of paper that just said, “I love you.”

Over the years I’ve told people what happened on the farm to me and my parents. It’s always a short explanation with not much detail. I share bits of memories here and there. Mainly when something jogs my memory. Going through that box brought back so many emotions. I miss them so much. After going through that box I decided it’s time to tell our story.

I’ve always been a blogger. I’ve thought about writing a book but I’m more comfortable blogging. I can add multimedia to my posts instead of trying to describe everything. My posts can be long or short. When I lived on the farm I kept a blog. I find blogging our story only fitting.

So let me tell you a story. A story about my mom and dad. Two people who were not only my parents but my best friends and our adventure in renovating our family farm.