Custom Cards

Since I began my custom card business, I have received a great number of personal requests to make custom cards. I thought I’d write a post explaining what goes into creating a custom card.

Custom Cards I Sell

The cards I sell on eBay are professionally printed. Once I design a card, I place an order with a professional printer that prints the cards on cardstock that is thicker than the average cardstock you can purchase at the store. There is a minimum count with each order, so I must order a large amount at a time. This is quite costly.

The Low-End Choice

I do not print cards on my home printer and then cut them with scissors or a x-acto knife. For low end cards I work with a local printer who prints and cuts the cards for me. They use a high-end printer like Office Max and have an electronic cutter. The cards are printed on regular cardstock, so they are thinner than the cards I have professionally printed. That’s the best I can do and keep the cost reasonable.

I decided to put together a price guide for anyone who wants to have custom cards made. I only do football cards unless an accommodation is made with the customer.

Card Front Only: $5

Card Front/Back $10

All transactions will be done through eBay so shipping will be free.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.